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May 1, 2017
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April 12, 2017

Address Sign

Spring is here and what better way to start it off than a fresh look in your front yard! This incredibly easy do-it-yourself sign took just a couple of hours to put together. And this includes the drying time! I went with this project because our old address sign is not visible and looks like it make be rotting from the heavy rain we received this winter.

Here is a list of the materials I used:

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  • wood piece 1 x 6 x 24
  • wood piece 1 x 6 x 20
  • wood piece 2 x 4 x 84
  • white paint
  • razor blade (to make the stencil)
  • Minwax Helsman Spar urethane clear outdoor seal
  • planter
  • soil
  • flowers
  • screws
  1. First, I found pieces of wood in my hubby’s work area. I had him cut them to the size I needed. He got fancy and made pointed side for me, but this is not necessary.
  2. Sand the wood pieces.
  3. While hubby cut my pieces of wood, I searched for a font I like and printed in out in “outline”. I ended up using 2 pieces of paper for our name.
  4. Using the razor blade, I cut out the stencil and placed them on the wood to make sure that it all fit the way I wanted it to. I played around the arrangements for a while.

  1. Carefully, I traced the outline of the stencil and painted the letters and numbers on during a couple of episodes of Netflix’s the Travelers. I ended up do three coats to make sure it was bright enough to see in the dark.

  1. Then, I stained the wood. While it was drying I found some flowers around my garden to repot them in a planter for a poor plant that did not survive the frost this past winter. Before I planted however, I used a trick I learned a while back ago for planting. I placed Styrofoam in the pot, then put the longer wood strategically so the stick will not wobble. The Styrofoam also helps drain and raise your flowers so you do not have to use so much soil.


  1. Lastly, I had hubby screw the pieces together.