Storage Boxes

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December 9, 2016

Storage Boxes

For Teacher Appreciation Week, the kids were to write a letter or draw a picture for their teacher. As the room mom for two of my three children’s classes, I put together a couple of boxes for them to put their letter or notes in. That way, she can read go through me during her own time and not worry about where she was placed them all.

I used a shoebox and a ramen box. I had left over burlap and well, I had fun with my glue gun. Everything I used was something I found in the house. No purchases necessary.

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  • boxes
  • glue gun
  • fabric or burlap
  • construction paper
  • artificial flower
  • ribbon
  • button
  • chalk (optional)

  1. First, I glued the burlap all the way around the boxes. I did not bother with the bottom since not one can really see it and left the top of the shoebox.

  1. Then I glued a ribbon on top of the burlap.
  2. Now it’s time to put the flower and button on. I removed the stem part that sticks out. I had these remaining from the canvases my girls painted.

  1. For the topless box, I simply printed out the teacher’s name and glued a black backing and attached.

  1. For the top of the shoebox, I folded over a piece of black construction paper and glued it on.

  1. I chose to print out a label and add stickers, but you can surely write it with chalk or use a white Sharpie pen.

It ‘s just that simple. So now, my all the kids in the class will have a place to put their letters and drawings for the teacher. The teacher can even reuse these boxes for storage. They are a great gift box too if you want to whip up a few of these ahead of time and for birthdays.