Valentines Brownie Classroom Gifts

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February 14, 2017
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Valentines Brownie Classroom Gifts

Valentine’s Brownies

So, my five-year-old daughter asked for brownies for her class for Valentine’s Day. She saw me something similar to these with Rice Crispy Treats for my oldest daughter and wanted to be just like her older sister. Well, I am not much of a baker. In fact, I prefer not to bake. But I saw these in our local stores and they want a little under three dollars for each one. Three dollars times 20 students times three kids – not happening!  So I borrowed a pan with hearts from my good friend and decided to give these a try.

Here are the things I needed.

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– pan
– brownie mix
– spray/grease
– lollipop sticks
– treat bags
– Valentine’s stickers
– a couple of sheets of paper
– hole puncher
– ribbon
– fancy scissors (completely optional)

First, bake the brownies by following the instructions on the box. I filled them up about three fourths of the way and baked them for 15 minutes. I like gooey soft brownies. Stick a skewer stick in them to make sure it is still not runny on the inside.

Let them cool for about eight minutes. So excited…

While you are waiting for them to cool, you can make the cute Valentine’s tags and cut the ribbon. I only had one pan so I had plenty of time to prepare the tags and ribbon. Here is what I did, but of course, you can go out and just purchase card stock tags. My daughter is a crafty little child so obviously, we were making our own.

Here is what I did. Put a sticker on a piece of paper. You cannot tell, but this paper actually had little cute confetti on them. Then I used my curvy scissors and cut around the edges. My daughter hole punched and strung a thin red ribbon through. I only used eight inches of ribbon to make the bows. Label your tags.

Now, when the brownies are cool, take the skewer and make a hole about one and half inch in. Then pull it out and use the lollipop sticks. I found that if I put the lollipop stick without making the holes first, it tends to break or reshape my heart brownies. Lollipop sticks have a blunt end. However, they do make bamboo sticks with one end a bit sharper. I like my red sticks though.

Put them in the bag and tie on the ribbon.

Make sure all the tags are labeled before tying on the ribbon. My poor left handed daughter may or may not have smashed a couple of brownies trying to write on the tiny tag after I attached them.

How super cute did these turn out? After they were done, my neighbor borrowed my pan and she’s baking away…