Redwood Pavers

Houten Deurmat
January 12, 2018
Swiss Mountain Climber
June 6, 2018

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If you follow my wood projects, you may have noticed that I have a thing for Redwood. I love the blondes and reds that the wood have naturally. We have an area in our backyard where grass just doesn’t really grow. The sprinklers don’t reach it and the soil doesn’t seem that fertile even if I hand water it. My wife wanted to put some pavers there so that we can expand our outdoor entertaining area. Normally you go to Lowes or Home Depot and purchase some pressed concrete pavers in the normal grey or red, but I have something different in mind.

I went for rough cut redwood instead of the normal 2 x 4 redwood because it is cheaper and it doesn’t have the rounded corners.

As you can see it is in fact “rough cut” and will in fact need some sanding.

After cutting them to length, which is 16″ long I ran them back and forth on the belt sander.

To make them square of 16′ x 16″ There has to be a little gap in between them.

To keep them from cracking when screwing the foot board, which are cut a little shorter at 15 1/2″, it is best to pre-drill them.

Since these will be spending their entire lives outdoors make sure to get screws that are coated, deck screws usually are, they inhibit rust and will last a lot longer.

One more round of sanding with a little finer sandpaper before moving on to the sealing.

I wanted to keep the woods natural color instead of going with a dark deck stain, so I stuck with the tried and true spar urethane.

Voila, the first of about 30 new redwood pavers.