Teak Swim Deck Renew

Redwood Planter Rejuvenation
June 6, 2017
Houten Deurmat
January 12, 2018

If you like our family you look forward to the long hot days on the lake. I love our Mailbu Wakesetter and for the most part the boat is still in great condition after all these years in the sun. One thing that I didn’t like though, was the greying of the swim deck.

For our UK visitors bring out your inner crafter on your home with great products from Littlewoods.com


I did some research and a lot of people were recommending a product called StarBrite.


It is a 3 part product that consists of a cleaner, brightener and lastly teak oil. I rolled up my sleeves willing to get my elbows dirty with a little elbow grease and the sander. But luckily I was to find out that wasn’t going to be necessary.

First I applied the cleaner, and as you can see from the picture with just the first application it already shows a difference. The top is the original gray and the bottom is starting to be more on the brown side.


After I completed the cleaner on both sides I then proceeded with the teak brightener which brought out the browns in the teak even better then the cleaner did.

Now after the brightener things were looking really good, but the wood was looking “furry.” So I whipped out the orbital sander with a 120 grit sandpaper and ran it for about 15 minutes over the entire swim deck.

Now the wood probably looked like the day it was originally put on the back of the boat. But if I want it to stay in this condition it is going to need to be protected with a good coat of teak oil.


Complete transformation and ready for another great summer on the lake.