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February 14, 2017
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February 18, 2017

So when most people think of toolbox liners, they think rubber, plastic, or foam. When you have an eccentric husband like mine, you get fabric quilted ones. Here is a very basic set of instructions on one I recently made for him. This would be a perfect gift for Valentine’s day, Father’s Day, birthday, or even Christmas if you want to attempt to make one.

Don’t have a sewing machine? Don’t worry. I did this all by hand. Also, let me mention, however, that all fabric were washed and ironed before I started.

You can pickup most of your supplies from

First, gather all your materials.
– A top fabric (I like to use flannel because it grips better)
– A cheap piece of batting
– A bottom fabric (solid color works best)
– A small piece of rug or drawer liner (you can find this at any store in the kitchen aisles)
– Matching thread and need
– Measuring tape
– Glue gun
– Scissors

1. Go into his toolbox and grab a tape measure. Measure the dimensions of the inside of his drawer (his metal toolbox one!).

2. Lay the feature fabric on top of the batting and cut both to the exact measurement of his drawer. (yes, it is GI Joe)

3. Lay those two pieces on top of the backing piece and cut 1 inch to 1 1/4 bigger than the top piece. Please see the pictures. It does not have to be super straight.

4. This step is optional. I hand sewed a top stitch to hold the pieces together and prevent them from sliding around. You can also use a machine to quilt or use lots of pins. My other liners were quilted and they turned out a bit nicer. *Notice the black stitching in the following picture.

5. Fold the extra bottom fabric over two times to make a binding. Pin. Fold the corners in a 90 degree angle and then repeat with the two fold.


6. Again, I hand stitched the edges during pick up line at my kids’ school, but obviously running it through a sewing machine would be a lot faster and look just as nice. Just be careful as flannel can tend to bulk up in at times.

7. Once all the stitching is done, flip the liner over. Glue (or sew) on a small piece of drawer/rug liner for that extra grip.

Viola!!! You are done!