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February 18, 2017
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April 6, 2017

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I made this sign for my husband for Valentine’s Day. Well, I started it on Valentine’s Day. I actually did not give it to him until the anniversary of the day we met, which was a couple of weeks later. Between three kids and their school projects, Valentine’s Day is not something we celebrate. It’s the day we go into their classrooms and help them celebrate. How crazy is that?

When I was at Hobby Lobby looking for supplies for my children’s Valentine’s Day treats, I ran across a wooden sign that had this quote on it. I thought it was perfect, until I saw the price tag. Also, it was a lot smaller and the color does not go with our bedroom. So I guess it was not perfect. I decided to make one myself.

Off I went to Home Depot after I picked up my youngest from school. Yes, it was Superhero day at school and my daughter wanted to be Captain America (although she wears costumes alot). Her pouty face came after the fact that I refused to buy her a $2 candy bar at the checkout. Once she overcame her “issue”, she was a pretty good helper throughout the day.

When I got to Home Depot, I did not see any interlocking panels. I asked the employee in the lumber department and he told me I had to buy them in a pack. That was not happening at $54. I went around the corner and found them in an 8 foot panel. I figured, I’ll ask him to at least cut it in half for me. This nice gentleman pulled out a hand saw and started going back and forth. I asked if he would use a chop saw to avoid the abrasions. He answered, “What’s a chop saw?”. Oh dear.

So, I went home and sanded everything down, including the ends that should have been smoother had I just asked my neighbor to use his saw. You can definitely avoid this step. Just a light sanding would have sufficed.


Next, I locked the pieces together. I tapped it with a mallet to avoid any gap. Then, I simply nailed in 2 shimmers on each side to secure the panels.




Stain the board.

While it was drying, I printed out the words from the quote, and used a small razor blade to cut out my stencil.


I let it dry overnight to be safe. Then I placed the words where I wanted and traced the inside with a white pencil. After, I used some white baseboard paint we had laying around the house to paint the words on. I ended up doing 3 layers to get it the color I wanted.


Last, I went over the sign with a piece of sandpaper to give it a rusty look.